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The purpose of this website is to bring together enthusiasts of the classic sports car hobby. Bringing together buyers with sellers who want to sell their cars for fair market value. We are an auction alternative. Auction houses sometimes end up with bidding wars which over-inflates the value of the car and puts some bidders out of the running. There are also a lot of unnecessary expenses involved in auctioning a car. Transportation expenses in getting your vehicle to the auction location, fees and percentages as well. Not all auctions end successfully even if it appears so at the end of the auction. Sometimes the deal is not completed. This happens as well at auction websites, where for one reason or another the deal falls through.
This website has been in existence since 1997 During the website boom of 1999-2001, we sat back and waited for the dust to clear. Other auto advertising sites will take any kind of car, in any condition, they advertise cars and anything you can possibly put on a car. The larger sites are difficult to navigate, difficult for buyers to find the car they are looking for. This site is different. This site contains NO banner advertising and NO dealer advertising. is committed to building and servicing the specific industry of classic sports cars, and ONLY classic sports cars. One of the goals of the advertising structure is to keep the autos listed specific to this main objective. This is why we have adopted the following Ad Posting Policy. This policy is in place to help keep the site specific and organized from advertising not pertaining to the purpose of
Advertising Posting Policy:
Advertisements are limited to classic sports cars and are subject to review before placement. Your car must meet the following conditions:
Your car MUST be pre (older than) 1973
Your car MUST be a complete car. One which runs and drives, and which your potential buyer will be able to enjoy the day he purchases it. Sorry, no basket cases or cars in boxes.
We DO NOT accept advertising for parts.
We DO NOT accept advertising from dealers. reserves the right to refuse ads which do not meet the above guidelines
Our website inventory includes a collection of rare and unique cars. Whether you are selling an MGTD or a vintage Ferrari you have come to the right place. Let us assist you in finding a buyer for your particular sports car. We provide superlative exposure for your vehicle. We advertise this website in various publications which are targeted to the specific market of classic sports cars.
An individual web page devoted only to your car includes photos, full descriptions and contact information. Generous text lets you list all the important details. The more information you give prospective buyers about your car in your ad, the better your chances are of selling quickly.
In our experience in the past 20 years in dealing in classic cars, we have found that most buyers have already decided what type of car they want, they just need to find the one they want. With the high volume of traffic our website receives, your ad will be seen by thousands of people every day. The people that are viewing these ads are educated consumers looking for a classic sports car, so this website is a well targeted audience of viewers. We invite you to join the many sports car enthusiasts using our advertising method and place an ad today. has 3 choices of ad placement, please take your pick and let us know if you have any questions, and remember nothing highlights a car like photographs. Color photos sell great cars!!
A simple line ad (text only) is $15.00.
A color photo ad with complete description is $35.00.
A deluxe ad includes 3 color photos so you can show your sports car in detail is $45.00.
Your ad will run as long as it takes to sell the car. Please remember to let us know when your car sells, so we can remove the ad. Doing so will stop other car shoppers from calling you.